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Our range of coffees & beers make it easier for you to check in on a mate.

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Our People Partner delivery helps you to support yourself and your colleagues in and beyond the 9 to 5.

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Can I really help?

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How can I help?

In a world that claims to be more connected than ever, where we’re only ever six degrees of separation away from anyone else, it’s still not always easy to to talk or to reach out to someone else when you aren’t 100%.

What we do know, is that it’s often easier over a brew or a beer. We help you and the people closest to you, look out for each other, one connection conversation at a time.



Our approach is creative, helping you to open up with a mate or to start some healthy conversations in your organisation.

Roast & Toast is a FREE weekly online session. A relaxed, safe space, connecting you with like minded people, with shared stories and real experience. Our Delivery Programme starts the conversations that need to happen, connecting you and your teams to healthy, sustainable support. Our beers & coffees help to start the conversations that we all need from time to time. QR codes on each connect your friends, family and colleagues to easily accessible help and support 24-7.

Powered by mates

A great idea only works when you have the right people involved. And we have!

Six Connections was created by and is driven by real people. Some started as mates, some as complete strangers; all of them are now firmly part of the family.