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Our range of ‘conversation starters’ make it easier for you to check on a friend.

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Do you know someone who’s not quite themselves right now?

In a world that claims to be more connected than ever, where we’re apparently only ever six degrees of separation away from anyone else, it’s still not always easy to open up.

What if you could turn that separation into connection, with one purposeful conversation that helped a mate?



It’s not always easy to talk about what matters or to reach out to someone else.

What we do know is that it’s often easier over a brew, or a beer. And we’ve got your back on this one.

We’re here to help you change the world one connection at a time, with a simple range of conversation-starters. Open up with a mate over a beer or send them some biscuits in the post, to let them know you’re there.

It’s a small step that could make a massive difference. And because the QR code on all our products leads right back here, your mates can find out more about the power of real conversations, and maybe start making six connections of their own!

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A great idea only works when you have the right people involved. And we have!

Six Connections was created by and is driven by real people. Some started as mates, some as complete strangers; all of them are now firmly part of the family.