Ben Story

3 top tips

  1. Brene Brown says, "Asking for help is a power move." I couldn't agree more. People can only care about things they know about. Rumble with vulnerability (another Brene Brown saying!) and let people in.
  2. Stop saying, "I'm ok" when you're not.
  3. Exercise is not just good for the body - it is good for the soul. And I'm not super fit or in amazing shape - that's ok, do it anyway!


After a really tough time with feelings of worthlessness, suicidal ideation and a lack of hope, I knew I needed help.

My one connection was my doctor, Dr Sam Prout. I went to see her and she talked to me about treatment.

She said that if I was an asthmatic, I would take an inhaler or if I was a diabetic, I would take insulin – no question! So why was I so reluctant to accept help for mental struggles?

It hit me like the ton of bricks I needed.

I went through some CBT, tried different medications and talked through my challenges with people close to me.


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