3 top tips

  1. Accept and surrender the situation – doors will open.
  2. Raise your vibration with music
  3. Keep a gratitude journal


I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught between a rock and a hard place; I had midwifery burn out after 27 years & the hospital trust I was working for was already under investigation. 

Staffing issues led to high levels of stress and Midwives were not being supported from above. After a death on the unit, I was suspended pending investigation. The whole process took 2 incredibly stressful years, with referral to the professional body, the NMC.

Janette was a supervisor of midwives, in a unit 8 hours from home where I had an opportunity to do supervised practice. She was my support supervisor, in mind, body and spirit.

Janette believed in me 100%, she was so kind and caring. She ensured I had proper breaks and enough food to eat on the 12-hour shifts. The song ‘Every Step of the Way’ comes to mind when I think of Janette. She attended the NMC in London with me, where we celebrated my exoneration with a massive hug.

I travelled and worked full time in Plymouth for two years.

She supported me when I addressed 250 midwives in Truro and over 500 nurses and midwives attending an RCN conference. Although I chose to leave midwifery, we remain friends who text each other twice a day. Sharing our connections as they ripple further afield, helping people as we travel along life’s path.

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