Claire’s story

3 top tips

  1. Get curious about your REALITY and how it works out for you and those in your world? Henry Ford said it best - “whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right” - It is only your TRUTH for now
  2. Look deeper at WHY - Why is key for all things, what drives you, why you do what you do?
  3. Acceptance is the first step to creating CHOICE. We know now that complete change is possible but acceptance of who you are first is critical to empowering choice in your life. Then you choose what changes you want to make depending on what results you want.


My story is one of connection with MY REALITY and how it was working out for me in life. This connection brought transformation in my thoughts, emotions and therefore my reality and I am so grateful for it being such a random, work instructed thing that changed my life.

I was 28, and a sales director within a Medical Company, going about my successful life very well.

My reality, not that I had ever observed it, seen it or worried about it up until now, was one of self destruction; I was pretty much ruining any relationship in my path and self destructing with running from any real relationships, drinking & partying and working myself into a deep loneliness.

On the surface, to acquaintances, as I didn’t really have any real friends then, it looked successful, fun, happy and outgoing so no one ever questioned my life and neither did I, I was unaware of it all. There was always a deep sense of void but I just thought everyone had that and that was LIFE.

My company sent me on a 2 week qualification in ‘Life & Performance’ Coaching in 2005, ironically the purpose was to train me to a higher level in ‘empathy and congruence with people’ as I progressed in my career.

WELL I can safely say this connection changed my life forever.

The life coach that was running the course was a connection I will never forget. When I arrived there was something about her, she carried such a calmness about her, nothing to prove, no competition, no giant EGO, I got a deep sense of connection with something that day I didn’t know existed until then – this turned out to be ‘contentment’ or ‘fullness’ ‘joy’ that I had never seen or experienced.

I spent 2 weeks with this lady on her course. For the first time ever she gave me the permission to be vulnerable, real, to look into what I truly believe about myself and the world. She inspired me that life can be different just by the nature of who she was and how she showed up.

She gave me permission and empowered me into what I now called the ‘FREEDOM of CHOICE’ I am not sure at this point of my life at 28 if I had ever taken a look at my track record of pain and hurt, alcohol and loneliness but this connection had brought me to 2 weeks of taking a good look in the mirror at TRUTH.

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