What is menopause?

With women over 50 currently shown to be the fastest growing sector of the workforce it is likely many of your colleagues are working through their menopause transition. Although 1 in 4 women will go through the menopause symptom free, 75% will experience varying degrees of symptom.

The physical and emotional changes that can affect some women as they transition through menopause can create temporary difficulties which may have an impact on performance, including fatigue and brain fog.

Research has shown that as many as 25% of women have considered resigning as a result of a lack of support from their employer. It’s time to lift the taboo, bring more awareness and education to ALL and actively support female staff through this natural life stage.

Things you can do

  1. If you have supportive work colleagues talk about your experiences with them, you may find you’re not alone.
  2. Gain awareness of menopause, symptoms and the tools to support yourself and others.
  3. Talk to your GP about treatment choices.
  4. Find what works for you; tech reminders, mindfulness techniques of lifestyle changes. Share them with others.
  5. Be sensitive and supportive of colleagues, partners and friends going through the menopause.
  6. Create a culture of inclusivity for ALL.
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