Can yoga help me manage stress?

Increasingly people are turning to Yoga to help support their overall wellbeing, as well as to help with stress or anxiety.  It is proven that regular practice of yoga can benefit us in many ways.  The meditation aspect of yoga – the breathing, mindfulness, and concentration – can help the synapses in your brain to strengthen, therefore benefiting your mind as well as your body!

Research has found that these benefits can be so profound that they can even help people who have suffered a brain injury to improve on areas of cognition.  It is also proven to help with stress or anxiety. That is powerful stuff!  Other benefits from regular yoga practice are, improved posture, improved flexibility, muscle strength, boosts metabolism, helps lower blood sugar, increases blood flow, helps keep disease at bay, increase in self-esteem, improved lung function and help with better sleep.

Things you can do

  1. Create a comfortable space, free from clutter and distraction.
  2. Find an empty wall, as a beginner you may find it helpful to use a space which has a wall to help you with your balance.
  3. Focus on your breathing, before doing any yoga, relaxing your body by taking some deep breaths will help.
  4. Rest – even if you are looking to build strength and flexibility by practising daily yoga, try having at least one day per week rest.
  5. To support your practice, look at attending a class or online instruction which will help you build your confidence.
  6. There are also lots of Yoga apps available to download for you to try at home.

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