Can I lose weight in a healthy & sustainable way? 

When it comes to losing weight it should always be your choice, and should be done in a safe, healthy and controlled way. Starvation diets, fads and fat burning pills are not the answer and will often leave the individual in a worse position. 

The key is balanced healthy eating alongside regular exercise that fits your preferences. 

Things you can do

  1. Reduce Junk Food Intake - Eating less processed / junk food and more vegetables will help towards weight loss.
  2. Plan Your Days & Weeks - Staying organised & scheduling your workout sessions for each week will really help with motivation & holding yourself accountable. In addition, it’s even more beneficial to let someone else know your goals/schedule, & then they can hold you accountable as well. 
  3. Get Adequate Sleep - Sleep really suppresses hunger & signals ‘fullness’ within the brain. Sleep deprivation forces the body to make more ghrelin & less leptin, which in turn increases your appetite. 
  4. Up Your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) - Walking the kids to school, taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a stop early and even more sex are all ways you can up your non-exercise activity. Use your imagination on this! 
  5. Weight Training - Regular sessions will not only improve your strength & fitness, but also your bone density, posture, sleep & help to maintain weight loss, as well as boosting your metabolism.

Useful links & resources

Healthy Weight Loss Programmes GymWolfPT
GymWolfPT creates personalised online health, fitness and nutrition programmes which are tailored to ‘you, your goals, your experience and your schedule’. 

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